About Industrial Dance Alliance 

IDA is a company created by dancers, for dancers, and our vision is to create an alliance that fosters a supportive community instead of a competitive one.  We are a collaboration of dancers and choreographers from multiple backgrounds and styles, working together to showcase Colorado’s talent in a professional and challenging arena. Our State is rich with talented and passionate artists that have powerful stories to share. We created IDA for these artists to have a platform to share their voice. 

We believe our industry flourishes through versatility, respect, and artistry and only when all parts are working in harmony, does the machine thrive as a whole. We are here to bring together the separate parts while enriching the Colorado dance scene.  Through the power of dance, we share our voice, our story, and our alliance with audiences across the state and work to place Denver at the forefront of our industry.



Our mission

The mission of our alliance is to:  

  • Offer variety to the professional dance community

  • Expand on the current style trends in Colorado

  • Uphold the integrity of each specific dance style we incorporate

  • Bring new and challenging choreography and concepts to the dancers of Colorado

  • Collaborate and perform with other established dance companies

  • Provide an avenue for choreographers to showcase their work

  • Grow the whole community, not just ourselves

  • Build on respect and incorporate what we have learned from past experiences, both good and bad

  • Correctly compensate all artists involved in each show

  • Create a collaborative environment and utilize our individual strengths in running the company and choreographing each performance